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The Health Check Questions


Once terms and conditions have been agreed, can an employer make subsequent changes to the employment contract without an employee’s consent?



On recruiting a new employee do you need to check and take a copy of any personal documents? E.g. passport, birth certificate, national insurance number to ensure they are authorised to work in the UK.



Can you refuse to employ a pregnant woman on the grounds that she is pregnant?



How long is a woman required to work for a company before she is eligible for maternity leave?



Can a pre-employment health questionnaire be sent out to job candidates?



Women who work part-time are entitled to the same maternity leave as those who work full-time. True or false?



True or false? Employees who ask for it are automatically entitled to flexible working.



How much Statutory Paternity Leave are employees entitled to?



Is an employee on a fixed term contract generally entitled to the same pay and benefits as a permanent member of staff?



Can you ask candidates general questions about their sickness absence record at interview?



When did discrimination on the grounds of age become illegal in the UK?



If you haven’t made clear your organisation’s policy on sick pay in your employees Contract of Employment, what do you have to pay them?



After what period of time must an employee submit a medical certificate to cover absence from work?



True or False? An employee must give written permission before the employer can request a medical report



Where should medical certifications in respect of employees be kept?



What is the current rate of Statutory Sick Pay per week?



Can you instantly dismiss an employee who has admitted theft or been caught “red handed”, without a disciplinary hearing?



If a new female employee raises a complaint about the “normal banter” in the workplace, do you need to take action?



Can you declare someone redundant as a way of getting rid of them because of their poor performance or history of minor misconduct?



What is the normal retirement age, as currently set by the Government


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