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Top 10 FAQ

1. What is the minimum length of time I have to sign up to with Liquid HR?

The minimum time with us is 3 years. Should your circumstances change and you wish to terminate prior to this you must pay for the full year. After the first 3 years of the Contract, the Contract will be automatically renewed and will continue unless terminated by giving three months’ written notice, expiring on or after the first 3 years.

2. What is the HR advice line?

Firstly, it is not a call centre. The Liquid HR advice line provides authorised callers with immediate access to nominated legal experts and experienced HR professionals who can answer questions on all of your everyday “people” issues, as well as provide legal guidance on the management of more complex HR issues such as redundancies, poor performance and disciplinary issues.

3. You mention policies and an employee handbook are included in the Liquid HR package. What exactly does this mean?

We have identified 24 policies that we believe an organisation needs to meet legal requirements in the HR arena in the UK. As well as the policies there are associated forms and letters to help you on a day-to-day basis. These policies, together with an employee handbook, are made available to all your organisation’s employees via your account on the liquid hr system. They are constantly reviewed to ensure you are always using the most up-to-date, legally compliant version in terms of employment law and HR best practice.

4. How secure is the information held on the Employee Database?

The Liquid HR System uses 128bit “Session key” encryption and 1024bit “Public/Private Key” SSL technology to protect your data. Encryption is a method of scrambling messages that travel over the Internet so that others cannot read them. 128-bit encryption is the strongest encryption currently used commercially to protect sensitive information and ensure that even if it is intercepted it remains private and confidential.

Off-line, your information is kept securely in our databases and offices. We only allow certain employees and access to your information, and then only if they need it for a specific authorised task. The computers on which we store your information are kept in a secure environment and regularly backed-up to prevent loss.

5. Liquid HR provides employment disputes insurance to clients. How much will we be covered for?

Subject to a small excess, your organisation will be insured to the value of £0.5m every year with up to £75,000 available for each claim. It insures you against any awards made against you in an Employment Tribunal and also covers you for any legal representation costs.

6. As well as the basic package, do Liquid HR undertake ad-hoc project work for clients?

Yes, we can offer ad-hoc project or consultancy work to clients. We would meet with you to understand your requirements and provide a detailed proposal which we would subsequently present and agree a course of action including a “no obligation” fixed fee quote. Work we have completed for clients include training for managers, due diligence for transfer under TUPE, job evaluation exercises, on-site presence in serious misconduct cases or high level interviews and developing additional policies tailored to specific client needs.

7. I know you provide legal advice and work as part of the liquid hr service, but do you offer one-off support too?

Yes. Our legal experts are able to provide a range of additional services to SMEs and larger organisations including:

  • Compromise Agreements – Includes preparation of draft agreements, negotiating with other lawyers, amending agreements and concluding settlements.
  • Employment Tribunal Response – Includes preparation and submission of ET3 (Respondent’s Notice of Appearance), Liaison/negotiation with ACAS/Applicant’s lawyers to achieve settlement wherever appropriate and completion of the COT3.
  • Contract work – including contracts for services and Director’s Service Agreements.
  • Employment Law update training and seminars

8. What about Health & Safety advice?

All Liquid HR clients benefit from essential Health & Safety support and are provided with the key Health & Safety policies and basic advice that all organisations need.

But where your business requires additional Health & Safety support that is specific to your business, you can also subscribe to our specialist service. Provisions include comprehensive, tailored, Health & Safety policies, advice from experienced consultants and, depending on the package chosen, an element of on-site support.

9. Can you also provide Payroll if I need it?

Yes we can! For a very small monthly, per-head fee, our parent company, Moorepay, can offer your organisation a solution to its payroll requirements, irrespective of size or complexity.

All you have to do is keep your Liquid HR database up to date, and send any extra paper direct to Moorepay (like starters P45's and forms you receive from the Inland Revenue). On the agreed date each month the data will all be scooped up and processed by the experts and you will receive high quality security laser payslips plus management reports. So there is no more duplication of data to send off to your current bureau, or the stress of doing manual calculations - it doesn't get much easier than that!

Moorepay can look after the BACS payments to your staff, the monthly Inland Revenue payment and also manage the whole of the PAYE end of year process on your behalf.

10. What is the Liquid HR service going to cost me?

After a small one-off set up payment, the fee structure for the Liquid HR package of advice line, production of statement of terms and conditions, provision of 24 essential policies and an employee handbook, Employment Disputes Insurance and the on-line database is based on a cost per employee per month, subject to a minimum payment of 5 employees. Thus fees are based on actual current headcount not on an annual amount, salary bill, or a per-hour rate. You pay monthly to ease those cash-flow worries.

Top 10 FAQ

Key questions asked about the liquid hr service.

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